Tuesday, February 12, 2019

in addition to planning for the big holidays like thanksgiving and christmas you will

Note: See the Premium Content Bundle chapter of this book to download a ready- made 24-question template to help your business plan and execute your social media strategy, and perform a simple competitor analysis.

Plan ahead with a social media content calendar

One of the stiffest tests facing brands on social media is to consistently publish high quality content for their fans. A companys social media presence that appears abandoned is the digital equivalent of turning your lights off. Because youre not updating online, people will assume that youre going out of business, even if the opposite is true. Consistency here can really help to boost levels of engagement by enabling fans to anticipate your next post. It will also foster a stronger relationship with your audience (who will keep coming back for more). One of the best ways to help get it right is by compiling a social media content calendar. An editorial calendar will allow you to plan your activity for weeks - or even months - in advance. This foresight will allow you to plan everyday posts as well as building seasonal themes into your updates, and prevent you from posting sub-par stuff just because you need to publish something. In addition to planning for the big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, you will also be able to map out a strategy for “mini holidays” like July 4th or Valentine’s Day, occasions where fans are actively searching on social media for deals, discounts, advice, etc. The ability to scan a social content calendar regularly will also provide you with a way to step back from day-to-day posting and re-affirm your wider strategy. Of course, spontaneous posting to social media still has a place, but for the foundations of your strategy, a content calendar is highly recommended. One simple way to plan a content strategy (that can be used to populate your calendar and prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed) is to create a daily theme across your social networks. For example: sharing a new blog post on Monday, asking a question on Tuesday, an infographic on Wednesday, a quote on Thursday, etc.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

but these are all very obvious

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In AdWords, your list is essentially the keywords you are targeting.

(Of course, you need to target the right locations and the right gender and age groups if appropriate. But these are all very obvious.)

When it comes to your keywords, you need to make sure you are targeting the right types of people. People who are likely to become your customers, based on the specific words and phrases they are searching for.

Traffic from irrelevant and low-quality search terms is the biggest waste of money I see when reviewing people’s AdWords campaigns.

Target the wrong keywords, and it won’t matter how good your product or your offer is. You won’t sell a thing.

Target the right keywords, and you can have a mediocre product with a bad offer and you’ll still make sales.

Keywords are THAT important.

The first section of my Essential AdWords Crash Course goes deeper into this topic.

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I looked at an AdWords account the other day that was humming along just fine…for a little while.

The ads were getting seen and clicked on, and the traffic was turning into a nice little pile of leads every day.

All was well in the world.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Most MP3 player adapter cords will work for this

These two menus will give you all the power you need over your Kindle Fire HD. Whenever you’re not sure where to find an option to change a feature, look to these menus.

The Speakers

The speakers on the Kindle Fire HD are engineered well enough that they can give you good bass reproduction, even though they’re very small. Both models have Dolby Audio dual-driver stereo speakers. The speakers are located alongside the display, so you’ll get great sound when you’re watching videos or listening to music.

These speakers will automatically adjust to accommodate what you’re doing. For instance, they’ll go to a sound profile that’s optimal for movies when you’re watching video and to a profile that’s optimal for music when you’re streaming or listening to MP3s.

You can attach your Kindle Fire HD to any speakers or tuners that accept a 1/8” jack. Most MP3 player adapter cords will work for this. If you plug your Kindle Fire HD into an external audio device, be sure to keep the volume around 50%. This will avoid distortion or having too little power.

Hooking Up to a Computer

To hook your Kindle Fire HD up to a computer, simply plug the MiniUSB connection into the Kindle Fire HD and plug the USB connector into the computer. The computer should recognize the drive right away.


Infographic maker tools Easelly and Canva have similar functionality

So, as you see it has never been easier to create a logo and even a brand book. Nowadays the design process is much more accessible to everyone and these tools can be of a great help to people who need to get something off the ground quickly.

Create Stylish and Interactive Infographics

Well-designed infographics is an effective way of displaying content to attract the attention of your target audience to convey statistics easily and oftentimes otherwise boring information. Actually, the process of creating a design for an infographic is not as easy as it may seem. It is one of the most complicated design projects because it is rather difficult to find a style and elements that would work for the particular infographic. This is why using pre-made templates could be of a great help for both unprofessional and professional designers.

One of the simplest tools for creating infographics isPictochart. Just choose the template you like and add your content. No special designer skills needed. Infographic maker tools Easel.ly and Canva have similar functionality. Add your data, elements and create beautiful infographics.

If you need to create interactive charts for your webpage, Google Charts will be a great solution. You can choose from different chart types and templates, then add data and customize them. When finished, just copy the snippet code and paste it into your webpage administration tool as an HTML code. Then open your webpage in your Internet browser and enjoy your interactive charts.


I know, learning sales and persuasion skills from a snake seems ridiculous, but just you wait and see!

That snake had someserious“sales chops”.

Onward.Ok, where was I, oh yeah, so the snake represents shrewdness.

A must have skill if you want to open the minds and wallets of your prospects.

Let’s take a look at that word, eh?

Ok, so I have the online dictionary open and, ahh...bingo!

There it is.Lookie here:


To be tricky, sharp-witted, wily, crafty, perceptive, discriminating, sly, and cunning.

Hmm,it’s not really the advice being taught at sales seminars, is it?

And that’s the reason why so many salespeople absolutely suck at selling.

Look, I know some of those words seem a little on the unethical side, but if it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

Let’s now look at the word:


It means:wholesome, irreproachable, guilt-free, in the clear, slime free, pure as the driven snow.

Ahh, now that balances the ol’ ledger, doesn’t it?

Jesus is saying, be cunning, but also make damn sure you’re selling a righteous product or service.

Behold an excellent observation:

Often, it’s the stone-cold-liars and low-life-scumbag salesmen that are shrewder than the ethical and moral salespeople.

The problem?

There are far too many righteous bird-brained salespeople who couldn’t sell a banana to a hungry monkey.


Implementation of the Model

Clustering is a type of unsupervised learning technique in which there are no explicit labels. Clustering is used to discover groups of data points in a dataset. A group or cluster is made up of members that are similar to each other but are collectively different from other clusters. A good clustering algorithm must have the ability to discover some or all hidden clusters in a dataset, should exhibit in cluster similarity but different clusters should be dissimilar or far from each other. The clustering algorithm should also be scalable to larger datasets and should be able to handle noisy data points and outliers.

There are two main categories of clustering algorithms - hierarchical clustering algorithms and partitive clustering algorithms. In hierarchical clustering, there is a clear relationship between discovered clusters. This can take the form of a hierarchy or order. Whereas in partitive algorithms, the relationship between clusters is not clear and it is sometimes referred to as having a flat structure. Clustering algorithms can also be seen from another perspective. Algorithms that allow a data point to belong to more than one cluster are known as soft clustering algorithms. In such a process, probabilities are assigned to each data point to indicate how likely it belongs to any particular cluster. Hard clustering algorithms on the other hand, require that data points only belong to exactly one cluster.

Friday, December 21, 2018


Morris claimed that he had no intention of the worm escaping the lab

Kevin Poulson hacked federal systems for information on wiretaps. He also took over phone lines for a Los Angeles station KIIS-FM to win a Porsche in a radio caller contest. He served a sentence of five years. Poulson is currently a journalist.

Linus Torvalds is the creator of the Linux operating system. Linux is a Unix-based OS that is open source. He holds honorary doctorates from the University of Helsinki and Stockholm University. He continues to work on the Linux kernel.

Mark Abene, also known as Phiber Optik, is a white hat hacker who drew attention during the 1980s and early 1990s. Abene was early to defend ethical hacking as legitimate computer security. His clients include First USA, UBS, American Express, and others.

Robert Morris is the hacker behind the Morris Worm, which slowed down government and university systems in 1998. Morris claimed that he had no intention of the worm escaping the lab. However, it affected over 6,000 systems. Morris was sentenced to three years in prison, 400 hours of community service, and a penalty of $10,500. Morris currently teaches at MIT.

Steve “Woz” Wozniak, the inventor of the Apple computer and co-creator of Apple, Inc, was a member of the phreaker sub-culture in the 1970s before he invented the Apple I. Woz continues to purchase and test many devices for usability and security, often criticizing Apple products.