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Morris claimed that he had no intention of the worm escaping the lab

Kevin Poulson hacked federal systems for information on wiretaps. He also took over phone lines for a Los Angeles station KIIS-FM to win a Porsche in a radio caller contest. He served a sentence of five years. Poulson is currently a journalist.

Linus Torvalds is the creator of the Linux operating system. Linux is a Unix-based OS that is open source. He holds honorary doctorates from the University of Helsinki and Stockholm University. He continues to work on the Linux kernel.

Mark Abene, also known as Phiber Optik, is a white hat hacker who drew attention during the 1980s and early 1990s. Abene was early to defend ethical hacking as legitimate computer security. His clients include First USA, UBS, American Express, and others.

Robert Morris is the hacker behind the Morris Worm, which slowed down government and university systems in 1998. Morris claimed that he had no intention of the worm escaping the lab. However, it affected over 6,000 systems. Morris was sentenced to three years in prison, 400 hours of community service, and a penalty of $10,500. Morris currently teaches at MIT.

Steve “Woz” Wozniak, the inventor of the Apple computer and co-creator of Apple, Inc, was a member of the phreaker sub-culture in the 1970s before he invented the Apple I. Woz continues to purchase and test many devices for usability and security, often criticizing Apple products.

A loud no with arms waving no

"Mustangs !yt" -> Youtube

"Mustangs !b" -> Bing

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  • When DuckDuckGo lists results that it got from Yahoo or Bing, your phone or laptop isnt getting cookies from Yahoo or Bing.

Cons to Using DuckDuckGo

  • DuckDuckGo labels itself as a privacy search engine, so it wont be terribly helpful to use it for things requiring location. A search for "air conditioners for sale in New Orleans, LA" will give you a craigslist-like site, followed by a contractors webpage, and a link to YellowPages. The same search on google gives the names of some local and major-chain businesses who sell and install air conditioners.

And in case youre wondering if incognito mode stops Googles tracking that results from your Google searches, the answer is no. A loud no with arms waving no. Only a non-tracking search engine like DuckDuckGo (that can guarantee your privacy) does that. Bing and Yahoo and Google will still record everything you do regardless of any incognito mode, as it affects the browser options and not the search engine of choice.

Another thing about our beloved Google, whose name keeps popping up like some handle-bar mustached villain in a bad play. Google knows your preferred home temperature and your work schedule when youre away at Six Flags and when you go to sleep and wake up, all thanks to the Nest Learning Thermostat. That, coupled with Google Pictures (which logs images on your phone or PC) makes for one very bright laser red dot on your back. People love convenience over security, even before Ben Franklin wrote his famous quote on liberty and security.

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One of the most common questions that arise in the minds of the people owning the Apple smartwatch for the first time is what the device is all about. Well, primarily it allows the owner to read emails, text messages, and receive calls. However, it is not just a device meant to serve the fundamentals. The features of the Apple smartwatch are far more intense than what meets the eye.

The Apple Watch serves as a fitness tracker for the owner. For people that are enthusiastic about sports, the smartwatch can be envisioned as a sports watch as well. The “wrist notification” feature ensures that a person does not have to carry their iPhone everywhere because the Apple smartwatch can be connected and synchronized with the owner’s iPhone.

The interface has “Siri” (IOS virtual assistant) integrated to it which allows the user to set alarms, read emails, schedule appointments, navigate through GPS, set reminders, and much more.

The feature-packed device also possesses access to dedicated apps which include the likes of traffic notifications, navigation, and much more. With the launch of the “watchOS 4” for the Apple smartwatch, a large number of significant features have been revamped. The user can experience advanced heart-rate monitoring, metrics, pulse monitoring, newly designed watch faces, and health-hazard alarms.

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Third (Key): it is up to the management to decide if they want to take action on this indicator or not.

KPI recommendation: don’t pile up on KPI to generate a nice dashboard, if no one willing to take action on a KPI then this is an unneeded effort that can be directed elsewhere.

Value Chain Analysis

The term value chain used in business for years; there are three major blocks in any value chain:

  • The supplier.
  • The service provider.
  • The final customer.

Figure 7 Value Chains

There are some areas in every block, it is quite tricky to calculate the added value to each action taken in a service, but in today’s world it must be done, sometimes one weak area will naturalize the strength of another area, even when analyzing some complementary functions, that might not create a value-add itself. However, it impacts other areas positively, think of air-conditioning /heating does not create value for the business, but think if it does not exist? The productivity will drop significantly.

When considering the value chain, consider the entire system, not the individual activities. Not a long ago, the only customer to the IT services was the internal business users, but now the users are much more than that, think ATM, web stores, the point of sales... Such change indicates an increasing level of sophistication in the value, and more expectations as well. most business now is expected to have some online front that’s reachable from anywhere. This means potential company customers and future revenue are now dependent on the IT systems.



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the first challenge figuring out what languages and frameworks your app requires

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Software requires a computer to run on, but if an app relies solely on the handheld device’s computer, app performance won’t be optimized. To increase app optimization and centralize the database, a lot of heavy computing tasks are outsourced to a computer that lives in the so-called Cloud. The job of the developer extends beyond what you see on the screen, as there’s a whole lot of behind-the-scenes infrastructure required to support an app.

All the steps you’ve taken up until this point—writing user stories, wireframing, creating a product spec—will be hugely valuable during the developer hiring process. Because you’ve taken the time to fully define the product, you can more accurately communicate what you want and refine your search, pre-emptively weeding out candidates who don’t have the expertise or skill for your project.

This kind of vetting is extremely difficult and time-consuming for non-technical founders. Properly judging the talent and knowledge of developers requires an extremely specific set of technical skills. Developers speak their own language, which makes it next to impossible for a non-technical person to be able to gauge their skills.

As a non-technical entrepreneur, you need a way to quickly find developers who are expert level in the languages and frameworks your app requires. The first challenge: figuring out what languages and frameworks your app requires. The second challenge: finding a developer who is expert level at those specific things.

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amazon associates amazon is probably the most commonly used program by beginners

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1. Amazon Associates

Amazon is probably the most commonly used program by beginners. It allows you to earn from any type of item sold in Amazon, aside from digital kindle products. The program though, covers all tangible products. The commission rate varies for each product, depending on the type of product your associates account sells. Most items start out at 4% for the first six sales of the month. The rate for the seventh until the 30th item on the other hand is 6%. The rate increases as the number of products you sell also increases. In this affiliate program, affiliates are rewarded for selling a high quantity of items. The more items you sell in a month, the higher your commission rate will be.

Unlike most affiliate marketing programs, Amazon does not have a fixed landing page for their products. They allow the affiliate marketer to choose a product and use the product page as the landing page.

The best part about selling through Amazon Associates is that the affiliate marketer will be credited for any item bought by a person that clicked their link. The person you referred to Amazon does not need to buy the product you suggested. As long as they clicked your link, you will receive commission for everything that they buy in the website.

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List building

Search Audio and Video Files

You can actually set up OneNote to search through your audio and video files just like you can with text and images. This makes it easier for you to find these files when you need them, this can be important if you find it easier to take audio notes rather than text notes. I lived through the frustration of having a full playlist of audio clips with no way of searching for the one sentence I required to progress on a project in my past life. This feature on OneNote is definitely a lifesaver, literally!

You can enable this option for searching audio and video files by clicking FileOptions then going to the Audio & Video tab. Once there, check the box next to “Enable searching audio and video recordings for words”. If you’re going to be using audio and video notes on a regular basis then I urge you to enable this option.

Doing Math Calculations in OneNote

If you need to do simple calculations, forget about your calculator app or physical calculator! Just type the math equation anywhere on OneNote’s page surface, followed by the equal sign then press the spacebar or Enter and OneNote will perform the calculation. For example, you can do simple calculations such as “5999/32” by typing “5999/32 =” or “5+20+45+50=” and OneNote will do these calculations for you.


If this is not the case however you could calculate this yourself reviews review Smsbot.Net Jv SMSBOT.NET DEMO

The conversion rate of a landing page is usually shown in the analytics section of your affiliate marketing account. If this is not the case however, you could calculate this yourself. To do this, you first need to find the total number of leads (unique visitors) you sent to a particular landing page. This should be reflected in the number of clicks that a particular affiliate link gets. You will also need the total number of sales generated for that particular link. You can usually get this number in the sales report section of your affiliate account.

You can then divide the number of sales by the number of leads you sent and multiple the result by 100%. A higher percentage means that the landing page is effective in converting leads into customers. Sometimes, different websites will have completely different conversion rates even if they are sending traffic to the same landing page. This happens because many factors affect the success of a landing page. We will discuss them in the following section. You can check these factors whenever you are inspecting a new landing page of an advertiser

Factors that affect landing page conversion rate:

The design and layout of the page

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Large images are easy targets for load speed improvements

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Fortunately, the handy tool provides free reports and actionable recommendations on how to supercharge your load speed with a strong focus on improvements for mobile users. If you follow the recommendations and get your site performing better than competitors, you can make out like a bandit in the search results, with load speed being a top ranking factor driving the search results.

3. Pingdom Tools Website Speed Test

Pingdom Tools Website Speed Test is the cream of the crop when it comes to load speed tools, providing detailed breakdowns of files and resources slowing your site down, listing file-sizes of individual files, server load times, and much more. It goes into much greater depth than the other tools, though probably best suited for a web developer or someone with a basic level of experience building websites.

After the test is completed, if you scroll down you will see a list of files each visitor has to download each time they visit your site. Large images are easy targets for load speed improvements. If you have any images over 200kb, these can usually be compressed in Photoshop and shrunk down to a fraction of the size without any quality loss. Take a note of any large files, send them to your web developer or web designer, and ask them to compress the files to a smaller file size.

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From a mainstream marketing perspective SEL does tend to break a lot of SEO


For Weekly Industry News:

Search Engine Land

Danny Sullivan co-founded Search Engine Land (SEL), which has become the best place to source weekly round-up news, providing true value amidst all the clutter. From a mainstream marketing perspective, SEL does tend to break a lot of SEO stories, thanks to its website’s popularity and long history of covering industry news.

SEL also publishes exclusive contributor content from some of the top SEO minds in the niche, including Eric Enge, Mark Traphagen, Glenn Gabe, Larry Kim, and dozens of others. Besides being the leading online SEO magazine for professionals, SEL provides some choice educational resources: webinars, guides, and conferences.

This is one of the best industry sites to follow because it presents the SEO industry in a way that relates to non-SEO business users as well as SEO pros. With the diverse range of content, you are sure to find information here that will benefit you.

SEO News, Technical SEO, and In-Depth Articles

As you follow these industry sites, you will find that there is a lot of overlap in content coverage, with many other sites mimicking this content. The best content on these sites comes from contributors and staff writers who create in-depth articles on a particular aspect of search engine marketing and SEO.

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