Thursday, October 4, 2018

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The conversion rate of a landing page is usually shown in the analytics section of your affiliate marketing account. If this is not the case however, you could calculate this yourself. To do this, you first need to find the total number of leads (unique visitors) you sent to a particular landing page. This should be reflected in the number of clicks that a particular affiliate link gets. You will also need the total number of sales generated for that particular link. You can usually get this number in the sales report section of your affiliate account.

You can then divide the number of sales by the number of leads you sent and multiple the result by 100%. A higher percentage means that the landing page is effective in converting leads into customers. Sometimes, different websites will have completely different conversion rates even if they are sending traffic to the same landing page. This happens because many factors affect the success of a landing page. We will discuss them in the following section. You can check these factors whenever you are inspecting a new landing page of an advertiser

Factors that affect landing page conversion rate:

The design and layout of the page

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