Friday, October 5, 2018

the first challenge figuring out what languages and frameworks your app requires

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Software requires a computer to run on, but if an app relies solely on the handheld device’s computer, app performance won’t be optimized. To increase app optimization and centralize the database, a lot of heavy computing tasks are outsourced to a computer that lives in the so-called Cloud. The job of the developer extends beyond what you see on the screen, as there’s a whole lot of behind-the-scenes infrastructure required to support an app.

All the steps you’ve taken up until this point—writing user stories, wireframing, creating a product spec—will be hugely valuable during the developer hiring process. Because you’ve taken the time to fully define the product, you can more accurately communicate what you want and refine your search, pre-emptively weeding out candidates who don’t have the expertise or skill for your project.

This kind of vetting is extremely difficult and time-consuming for non-technical founders. Properly judging the talent and knowledge of developers requires an extremely specific set of technical skills. Developers speak their own language, which makes it next to impossible for a non-technical person to be able to gauge their skills.

As a non-technical entrepreneur, you need a way to quickly find developers who are expert level in the languages and frameworks your app requires. The first challenge: figuring out what languages and frameworks your app requires. The second challenge: finding a developer who is expert level at those specific things.

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