Thursday, October 4, 2018

amazon associates amazon is probably the most commonly used program by beginners

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1. Amazon Associates

Amazon is probably the most commonly used program by beginners. It allows you to earn from any type of item sold in Amazon, aside from digital kindle products. The program though, covers all tangible products. The commission rate varies for each product, depending on the type of product your associates account sells. Most items start out at 4% for the first six sales of the month. The rate for the seventh until the 30th item on the other hand is 6%. The rate increases as the number of products you sell also increases. In this affiliate program, affiliates are rewarded for selling a high quantity of items. The more items you sell in a month, the higher your commission rate will be.

Unlike most affiliate marketing programs, Amazon does not have a fixed landing page for their products. They allow the affiliate marketer to choose a product and use the product page as the landing page.

The best part about selling through Amazon Associates is that the affiliate marketer will be credited for any item bought by a person that clicked their link. The person you referred to Amazon does not need to buy the product you suggested. As long as they clicked your link, you will receive commission for everything that they buy in the website.

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